Waiting for the Waves

Bianca Valenti

Big Wave Surfer

Manav is an incredibly grounded coach and advisor. He is also an incredible sports therapist. Our work together has helped me become the athlete and leader that I am today. He is a man of many talents and solid ground amidst the biggest waves. Thank you Manav for advising me from ideas to execution and for helping me ride the biggest waves in the world


Nick Lusson

Athletic Director, Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League / Sheriffs Fútbol Club
Director of Membership, NorCal Premier Soccer

Manav is the rare example of someone that combines his knowledge in the clinical aspects of sport psychology with the wisdom and soulfulness of understanding the challenges and needs of others.  He has an ability to connect to people, truly listen to their journey, and then partner with them on accomplishing greater things.  And he does this in a way that is both joyful & impactful.  Youth & adults both would be fortunate for the experience of working with him.

Lights in the Dark

Evan Pham

Entrepreneur &

Senior Account Manager @ Reddit

I speak to Manav regularly from topics ranging from career, relationships, self-confidence, and general personal development. Every interaction with Manav leaves me feeling empowered and at ease. Since day one of knowing Manav, he has always been bright, positive, caring, and wise. To work with Manav is a great delight and I recommend him to anyone.

Colorful Homes

Bronwyn Hogan

Vice President,

Community Relations

Manav, though his thoughtful guidance and support, has enabled me to exceed in my career as a nonprofit leader. He encourages staff mentorship that reminds the leader to lead with the whole person in mind. Humans are complicated beings, and with Manav's deep knowledge of humanity - its goodness and its flaws - I have found myself in a place of better understanding of the individuals who rely on me for thoughtful, insightful management.


Asano Otsu

Founder @

Samurai Sue Foods

After I speak with Manav, I feel clearer in my steps and encouraged to take the next leap however daunting that might have seemed beforehand. His insight and guiding questions always puts me at ease and encourages me to dig deeper into what it is that "I" want to achieve. 


Manav is someone who can guide both your conscious and unconscious self and make whole, and have you believe that you can take that leap. To experience one's whole self through the work of Manav's guidance is a true delight. I recommend working with Manav to anyone who truly wants to see themselves.

Luxury Hotel

Bob Mazer

Founder @

Open Hand Hospitality Consulting

Manav brings perspective with balance and positive thinking, while still giving a critical eye and has helped me evaluate decisions as I move forward with various professional projects. He's calm, thoughtful and trustworthy and would recommend anyone spend some time with him for fresh insight when you need it.